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Financial Solutions for International Lives

Financial Solutions for International Lives

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AMK Expat Wealth was founded by Michelle Kuhonta, a graduate of Harvard University's Master's in Finance, to address a gap in financial services that she experienced as an expat in Germany—sound, non-commission based financial advice that fully responded to the complexity of expat lives.

Michelle Kuhonta

Having spent her entire life as an expat, Michelle knows the classic expat financial needs and expectations first-hand: international school education, investing for kids’ college education, travel expenditures—often to see family spread out over two+ continents, retirement planning (possibly in two or more countries), retirement consolidation, cross-border inheritance planning, currency hedging, international tax efficiency.

Knowing how demanding expat jobs already are, Michelle decided it was time to simplify financial planning for her fellow expats in Germany.

With business partner, Quirin Privatbank, Michelle developed specialized financial planning and investment services for international school families and wealth management clients. AMK selected Quirin Privatbank as a preferred partner because of their transparent, non-commission based fees, as well as their openness to expat client’s more complex needs. Together, we regularly offer introductory seminars and are available for individual consultations.

AMK Expat Wealth also offers financial planning services for individuals/families, as well as financial seminars and workshops.

AMK Expat Wealth’s Managing Director and Founder, Michelle Kuhonta, has a Master’s degree in Finance from Harvard University, where she specialized in capital markets and investments, and received the Dean’s List Academic Achievement Award. Since her graduation from Harvard in 2012, she annually outperformed the S&P 500. Filipino born, she grew up in Rome, where she attended St. Stephen’s International School, and lived in Boston, New York, and Bangkok before moving to Munich.