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Financial Solutions for International Lives

Financial Solutions for International Lives

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Whether you’re in your first expat job, your fourth, or retired, AMK Expat Financial Planning can help you reach your goals.

Do you need to learn to plan a monthly budget that you can stick with?

Do the investment options at your bank make you nervous, and you’d like to understand the investment basics, before selecting one of the funds that your bank offers?

Or maybe you have some experience with investing, and would like to have an objective evaluation of how much you can save every year and what annual returns would make sense for your situation?

Perhaps you know how much you would like to save in 10 or 20 years, but don’t know how to get there?

AMK Expat Financial Planning can help!

At AMK Expat, we understand that strong financial planning means balancing goals with emotions toward money, while using sound economics. Based on our conversation with you, we can customize investment scenarios for you that will allow you to see how a portfolio with a specific asset mix could develop over time. In keeping with our mission to give objective financial planning, AMK Expat will not offer advice on specific funds, stocks, bonds, or other investment vehicles. However, the investment scenarios will allow you to benchmark the investments you are considering.

If you are a wealth management client via the
AMK-Quirin Privatbank relationship, a long-term plan will include a portfolio of specific investment vehicles.

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