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Financial Solutions for International Lives

Financial Solutions for International Lives

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With business partner, Quirin Privatbank, AMK Expat Wealth’s Managing Director, Michelle Kuhonta, developed specialized financial planning and investment services for international school families and wealth management clients. Their holistic system includes (but is not limited to): saving and investing for college, retirement planning and budgeting, cross-border inheritance planning--all of which also plan for currency risk. International tax efficiency completes this picture and can be maximized in cooperation with selected tax partners.

AMK selected Quirin Privatbank as a preferred partner because of their transparent, non-commission based fees, as well as their openness to expat clients’ more complex needs. Together, we regularly offer introductory seminars and are available for individual consultations.


Quirin Clients:
We serve a clientele of professionals/entrepreneurs that is sophisticated and well-informed. In light of the financial crisis of 2008, our clients understand that conventional banking has a systematic conflict of interest that endangers their wealth. A salesperson cannot be an advisor.

Our responsibility is that of assisting our clients with achieving their financial goals. Thus, we significantly reduce our clients’ stress regarding money and finances. We do not believe in chasing yearly returns, but believe rather, that your financial advisor will be a long-term manager of your investments.

We intentionally construct portfolios with a geographically diversified stock allocation, and specific proportions of blue chips, small caps, and value stocks. Bond allocation is diversified by maturity and credit rating. Individual client requests can be addressed during consultation. We focus on cost-efficient investment vehicles (e.g. ETFs), such as they would be used by institutional investors.

Investment Amounts:
Generally mid- to high- six figures, or single-digit seven figure accounts. Standardized solutions are available as of €150,000.

Investment Strategy:
We implement highly rational investment strategies driven by financial knowledge. At the core of our strategy is a solid, optimally balanced portfolio. Investment discipline takes absolute priority over activism. We see ourselves as reliable tradesmen, and not as investment gurus. Our approach to client wealth is not one of irresponsible, beat-the-market strategies. Our goal is to eliminate all avoidable risk.

Our income comes exclusively from client fees—due to this structure, our interests are 100% aligned with yours. In general, we set a percentage-based ‘all-in’ fee*, and this rate is dependent on the extent and complexity of the client account. Upon request, we can also agree on a performance fee. The total costs to you will be well below that of typical banks.

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*We do not take commissions on any of the investment vehicles we offer you, nor do we charge issue premiums on funds, custodian fees, or for transaction costs. Any hidden commissions we receive are always credited to your account.